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The construction and deconstruction of this object, perfect, which is unique and at the same time reproduced in thousands of hundreds of millions of times used, exploited, neglected, thrown away, rejected, a perfect circle one of the greatest inventions of man that has allowed us to evolve rapidly and unbridled from travels, to transports.

An object and a material that has made it so that generations of entire families were on the verge of bankruptcy see (Goodyear), for the search for something that was not there before for an intuition a dream that has allowed another step forward in the evolution of man.


And so this too enters into play in the work of Antonio Bilotta, perhaps to understand more deeply the materials the circle the discovery the dream.

But in this work of deconstruction of circles there are a thousand other questions: what will the mobility of tomorrow be like?

What will the primary materials be? Will there still be enough?

What will become of us without the recycling of materials?

However it goes, I see in Antonio's work a profound metaphor of the world, the earth, the planet,

This world so perfect, that cannot be mended, cannot be sewn up, because it will always remain the ugly copy of that real one, that beauty with the sun with the sunsets with the oceans with the trees and the waterfalls and the birds and the grass and the snow.....

And so perhaps Antonio is showing us something, and perhaps the time has come to protect this planet from all these speculative ends, thinking that the earth cannot be reproduced hundreds of millions of times.